About FRLC

As of Friday, July 8, 2022; by 2/3 majority vote, Front Range Liberty Commonwealth will be disbanded.

Front Range Liberty Commonwealth is a Leadership Education-based homeschool group, located in the North Denver area. We use LEMI-mentored classes which are based on the five pillars: Classics, Mentors, Simulations, Field Experience, and God.

Mission Statement

United as families, we pursue a more perfect educational form to promote a passion for learning, foster ownership spirit, and build Christ-like statesmen in all walks of life who stand as an enduring defense against vacillating world values for generations to come.

Vision Statement

A nation is only as strong as its families. Therefore, for the strength of families and our nation, we believe parents have a divine right and responsibility to educate themselves and their children. As parents focus on achieving their own education and lead out in their families and communities, the personal example they set inspires their children and others to prepare to fulfill their unique missions in life. The freedom-based philosophy of A Thomas Jefferson Leadership Education, provides the foundation for the education we seek; Front Range Liberty Commonwealth (FRLC) exists to help families pursue this course.

We assist families in the quest to acquire a Leadership Education in numerous ways. We offer a supportive community where families can find friends with shared ideals, gain a vision of the scholar path, and receive training in how to apply the principles of Leadership Education in their homes. The programs and projects at FRLC are designed to inspire a lifelong passion for learning and to increase independent thinking and leadership ability. We also provide parents the opportunity to be involved in a meaningful way in our commonwealth. FRLC runs on “parent power,” with parents mentoring classes and leading and operating the commonwealth, thereby developing their own leadership qualities and providing an example for their children.

Additionally, at FRLC, we support Christ-centered core values. By following the principles of Leadership Education and strengthening these core beliefs, ordinary people are transformed into virtuous statesmen who are willing to pay the price of greatness. Through our efforts we can become the people God created us to be and make a positive difference in the lives of others. As we inspire ourselves and our children to submit to the rigorous but rewarding work of learning, we better develop ourselves as leaders who will contribute to our families and communities and impact our world for good.

Faith Statement

Front Range Liberty Commonwealth (FRLC) supports families who choose to homeschool their children through weekly meetings and classes that teach the principles of leadership education, including the belief in a higher power that guides our lives.

FRLC teaches that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, the Son of God.

FRLC believes that the Bible is the word of God.

FRLC supports religious freedom and encourages its members to live in accordance with their own conscience. We invite all to share their personal religious beliefs during classes and at other times during our meetings.

The complete Front Range Liberty Commonwealth constitution and handbook can be accessed below.

FRLC Constitution 2020-2021.pdf
FRLC handbook 2020-2021.pdf