As of Friday, July 8, 2022; by 2/3 majority vote, Front Range Liberty Commonwealth will be disbanded.

The juniors program is an excellent example of community interdependence.

Our juniors program is a powerful program designed to benefit the entire family.

Parents learn and grow in skills and confidence to effectively create a successful core and love of learning phase in their homes by learning through hands on experience and sharing of ideas. Having a successful model of these principles at home is vital to the child's readiness for scholar phase. The program also provides a supportive community for the challenges we all face as homeschoolers.

For the children, the juniors program creates a safe environment that supports the Leadership Education model they see at home, while also providing positive social experiences and the benefit of learning from other mentors with varying skills and strengths.


Core phase focuses on learning the core values such as honesty, kindness, joyfulness, diligence, and respect. Our class will learn stories about Jesus Christ, practice playing alongside friends, and appreciate nature, music, stories, and art together using simple games, crafts, lessons, and toys. We strive to provide growth opportunities for the entire age span of the class.

Love of Learning

Love of Learning builds on the lessons learned in Core and encourages lessons such as a love to learn, the confidence to be able to learn about whatever interests them, an ownership over their own education, a desire to study more than is required, and a willingness to do hard things.

This is an exciting class where children build experience through: interactive games and mental challenges; engaging group discussions; short videos that expand on the wonders and processes of this fascinating world; hands-on science experiments; crafts that enhance executive functioning skills; and of course, books and poetry that invite reason as well as beauty.

Transitions (offered as needed)

This class is designed to help children to take their love of learning and apply that passion as they develop skills necessary to becoming scholars. There will be many opportunities to explore new things together about the world around them.