2021–2022 Scholar Class Offerings

Hero's Journey

Many great stories follow the pattern of the "hero's journey." This class seeks to engage the young scholar in their own hero's journey by discovering the journeys of others. This is done through reading great literature; studying documents of the greatest philosophers; watching movies; doing projects and simulations; writing opinion papers; and learning about real-life heroes from the ancient and developing world, as well as modern-day heroes.

Description adapted from the LEMI website:

Sword of Freedom: Extend the foundation of freedom created in Key of Liberty. Students enter a semester-long simulation pitting the North against the South as they learn to navigate difficult issues such as states rights vs. federal control, constitutionality of cessation, and slavery. In a crucial time in our nation’s history, human nature is explored in a war that resulted in brother fighting against brother in a conflict where both sides believed they were doing God’s will. The Civil War has never been more engaging as the students work towards earning a replica sword like those carried by the Union and Confederate soldiers. It includes simulations, great classic books, presentations, and more!

Hero: Empower our current Hero Generation to form a link to the Hero Generation of World War II. Through getting to know these amazing men and women who won the War, they will learn what qualities Heroes have. They will see what is required of a Hero Generation, and gain a desire to emulate those individuals they study. Students will be mentored by both the living and the dead by hearing their stories, being invited behind the scenes, and coming to understand that each and every person has a unique mission to perform in this life. Eisenhower didn’t win the War. Churchill didn’t win the War. The man swabbing the deck did. The man who built the plane did. The women who put together the code breaking machines did. They all had their part in the ultimate victory, and it wouldn’t have happened without each and every one of them working together toward a common goal.

A few of the vital principles taught in these two projects are:

  • purpose of government

  • world crisis and personal and family choices

  • leadership

  • war, pestilence, betrayal, statesmanship,

  • hardship

  • how to survive during difficult times

  • public virtue

  • true heroes

These two studies in the Civil War and World War II will give your scholar an understanding of the complexity of the times as the US was drawn into a war and an astounding number of conflicts and crises. But, even more importantly, they will find the hero within themselves and invaluable lessons they can apply in our day and time.

Description adapted from LEMI website:

Students create and implement their own projects based on their passion, such as music, engineering, or a foreign language.

Some prepare themselves to tackle college or an apprenticeship. Sometimes those projects lead to businesses or careers, sometimes those projects help the students find and fill in some of the gaps in their education (and guess what? We all have gaps in our education!).

They stretch themselves further than they thought they could go. But the students are not alone. They are guided by their Edison coach with a system of accountability, including deadlines and weekly self-evaluations to help them achieve their goals. By supporting and inspiring each other, they are able to join in the great conversation and overcome their roadblocks to find success.

The skills they gain in the Edison Project are invaluable tools they’ll use throughout their lives as they continue to fulfill their mission.

A few of the vital principles they study are:

  • finding heroes that had your same mission

  • securing mentors who can prepare you for your mission

  • showing initiative and dedication to your unique purpose

  • submitting to your mentors and inner feelings of doing the right-next thing

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